Consultation, PD & Coaching

Teaching staff at a conference table

For Teachers & Schools

Dr Schneider offers consulting and professional development in optimal instructional practices for both typically-developing students and those with special needs. She instructs teachers and other school personnel in best practices for learning disability intervention and specific strategies for improving mathematics and reading achievement. In addition, she provides training in curriculum-based measurement, formative evaluation, data-driven instruction, and behavioral remediation.


Among her many publications, Dr Schneider's work in the area of teacher education appears in Brookes' Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors, a widely-used academic textbook designed to provide training teachers with evidence-based strategies for working with students with learning, developmental, and behavioral disorders. She is also a contributor to the MindPlay Comprehensive Reading Course, a 40-hour professional development program in evidence-based reading instruction for practicing and pre-service teachers. 



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For Parents

Dr Schneider offers consulting and coaching to parents of children with special needs. Dr Schneider has post-graduate-level training in child development, behavioral evaluation, and positive behavioral intervention, and she has worked with children and youth with learning and developmental differences for nearly two decades. On a personal note, Dr Schneider is an expat and the mother of three children, one with a specific learning difference (dyslexia), one with a developmental disability, and one with giftedness (high potential). She understands the challenges and rewards of being a parent of children with special educational needs, and she understands that no parent, no matter how qualified or experienced, can do this alone. 


To read more about Dr Schneider's qualifications, please visit the About page.