Service Rates & Payment Options

Payment Options

Dr Schneider does not participate in any insurance plan. For comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations, a partial payment of 500 CHF is required on the day of testing, with the balance due at the results review appointment, unless a payment plan has been arranged.


For your convenience, Dr Schneider accepts a variety of payment options (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Wire Transfer or Cash). Rates for psychoeducational evaluation vary, depending upon the complexity of the assessment and the amount of time required.


Services Rates

A comprehensive evaluation involves an interview, review of prior records, administration, scoring, and interpretation of tests. Dr Schneider must also prepare a written report and meet with parents to review the results. 


The cost for a comprehensive evaluation is determined by the total number of hours required to complete the evaluation process from testing time with your child, to the results review session with you, at the rate of 200 CHF per hour.


Initial Consultation for Private Clients

200 CHF (fee waived if evaluation is completed within 60 days)


Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation 

Typically 1500-2000 CHF depending on the assessments performed and the duration of all elements of the evaluation process


Partial Evaluation or Specific Assessments

200 CHF per hour for the total number of hours required to complete the evaluation process


Individualized Intervention

120-200 CHF per hour depending on frequency and duration of intervention 


Consultation & Professional Development 


1000 CHF (plus travel expenses) per six-hour day, inclusive of all preparatory work and materials