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Dr Schneider provides customised intervention and remediation using an evidence-based, multisensory approach adapted to individual needs. Read more ...

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Dr Schneider provides psychoeducational evaluation and educational diagnostics using validated tests of achievement and cognitive abilities. Read more ...

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Dr Schneider offers consulting and professional development in optimal practices as well as coaching to parents of children with special needs. Read more ...

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Most of Dr Schneider's services, including educational therapy, intervention, PD & many psycheducational tests, are available online.

About Dr Schneider
Dr Schneider is a full member of the American Psychological Association, the International Dyslexia Association, and the Learning Disabilities Association of America, among others. She holds a PhD in Special Education, an EdS in Language & Reading, and an MA in Educational Psychology. Dr Schneider is an expert in learning disorders whose work in the fields of special education and educational psychology appears in clinical encyclopedias, peer-reviewed journals, academic textbooks and educational software. She has served as faculty in special education at a Research I university in the United States and as principle investigator on two large experimental studies of reading interventions. She has also worked as a research associate on a federally-funded program designed to promote and implement positive behavioral interventions in American schools and as an evaluator on a federally-funded project providing reading and mathematics interventions and supports to K-8 students. Read more ...

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" Because of your evaluation, my daughter is finally getting the help she needs in school. She's reading as well as her brother and sister! I've recommended you to a friend whose son is struggling in school. Thank you so much! "


Noreen, mother of Danielle

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